Our Salon Philosophy

Our staff of highly qualified hair stylists have provided a unique experience in hair, skin, and nail care for men, women, and children of every age. Our stylists and technicians take every opportunity to advance their knowledge through education. Education prepares them for changing techniques, product improvements, and the introduction of new services.

They believe that by always advancing their education they are able to provide you, our valued client, with the best service possible. It is our intention to promote a professional atmosphere at all times.


Our Guarantee

Our services are 100% guaranteed if the Client is using our products exclusively after all chemical services. Any problems you may have will be corrected within 2 weeks of your visit to our salon. We extend, to the users of our products, the liberty to exchange any portion if you are not totally satisfied with its performance.


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Hair Replacement Services

  • You Can Do Something About Hair Loss Now!!
    We specialize in up to date technology, with the latest hair replacement alternatives to hair loss for Men, Women, and Children.

    Servicing ALL levels of clients. From the person who can spend a little to the person that simply wants the best.

    Call (570) 542-7697 today to schedule your no cost, private consultation with one of our specially trained stylists.


Understanding Hair Loss Treatments & Alternatives

  • Hair loss can take away a part of your identity and few people understand the emotional effects hair loss has on a person. We recognize that maintaining your self-confidence and positive image are extremely important to you as well as to your family. There are many types of hair loss. Some are temporary and some of which are permanent.


Types of Hair Loss

    • Male Pattern Baldness - Receding hairline, moderate to extensive loss of hair
    • Female Pattern Baldness - General thinning of hair all over head. Moderate loss in the crown or at hairline
    • Alopecia Areata - Patchy hairloss, often in small circular areas
    • Alopecia Totalis - Total hairloss of the scalp
    • Telogen Effluvium - Usually temporary hairloss caused by emotional stress, thyroid abnormalities, medications, and hormones
    • Anagen Effluvium - Due to internally administered medications such as chemotherapy


Alternatives to Hair Loss

    • Full head cranial prosthesis (wigs) - For full head wig they can be either human or synthetic, depending on lifestyle and needs. Our wigs can either be stock or custom.
    • Partial Hair Addition - Can be attached with a variety of techniques. Either skin or existing hair are anchor sites.
    • Weaves, fusion, bonding, cabling - Two sided tapes and waterproof liquids are used to bond pieces to skin.

    Once you choose what hair addition and attachment method is best for you it is very important that it “fits” you. Your new hair is styled and cut to your facial features so that it can look the most natural it can be. Even already made, prestyled hair still needs to be shaped to your head and face.

    Our consultations are available to you at no cost in a private area.


Myths Related to Hair Loss

    • Frequent shampooing contributes to hair loss
    • Hats & Wigs cause hair loss
    • Permanent hair loss is caused by perms and other cosmetic treatments
    • Stress causes permanent hair loss
    • Hair loss does not occur in the late teens or early twenties
    • Dandruff causes hair loss